• 1080p, 30fps Full HD recording
  • 3.5MP, High Precision F/2.0 sensor
  • Built in 2″LCD for setup and playback
  • HDMI for live stream and playback
  • Time Lapse video
  • 12 Photos Burst Shooting
  • Multi File Recording
  • Waterproof, 60m/196ft

ISAW Advance package:


ISAW Advance features:

FULL HD 30fps High Definition Picture Quality

ISAW supports Full HD 1080P which means 1920 x 1080

resolution. Make your own videos with broadcast image quality.


720p 120fps, WVGA (480p) 240fps

ISAW offers High Frame rate video option, with which you can create slow motion videos with very smooth movement.


Impressive Colours

Owing to its exceptional lens, provides superb image quality with Vivid and Warm colors. It is not easy to imagine that this super compact size camcorder can produce such a high level of picture quality.


Burst Shooting

ISAW ADVANCE is also capable of taking 12 consecutive pictures in one second by single pressing shutter button.


Aqua Mode

In the water, the deeper you go, the more bluer everything becomes. This is because water absorbs the red side of the light spectrum. ISAW ADVANCE provides an ‘Aqua mode’ which will automatically compensate for this loss of colour to get Vivid Images even in the water.


User Friendly LCD Menu

ISAW ADVANCE has a color LCD that provides easy recognition status bar and menu setups.


External MIC In.

While the ADVANCE supports audio recording with built in MIC, it also supports external MIC input via USB port. Simply connect your microphone into the Monster, and you will always have superior sound quality within all you’re filming.


Time Lapse Video

‘Time lapse Video’ which is an interesting technique that records a scene or objects that have a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed.



Product Name ISAW Advance
Sensor 3.5MP 1/3″ Digital Image Sensor
Lens Type High Precision F/2.0 Lens
FOV 140.1°


Buttons Shutter / Quick Setup / Mode
Storage Micro SDHC / SDXC (up to 64GB)
USB Battery Recharge / File Management / Time Sync /
External MIC
Micro HDMI Live / Playback
MIC Built in MIC / External MIC connection via USB
LCD 2 in. (360×240) (Live / Playback / Settings)


Type Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Capacity 1,200mA
Running Time Appx. 2.5 hrs (Continuous Rec.)


Resolution 1080p / 960p / 720p / 480p
High Speed Recording 1080p (60fps) / 960p (60fps) / 720p (120fps) / 480p
Video Quality Super Fine / Fine / Normal
Time Lapse Interval video recording (1sec / 3sec / 5sec / 10sec
/ 30sec /60sec)


Resolution 3:2 (2304×1536) / 4:3(2048×1536) / 16:9 (2304×1296)
Burst Shot 7 shots per second (max. 35 photos)
Image Quality Super Fine / Fine / Normal
Time Lapse Interval photo shoot (0.5sec / 1sec / 3sec / 5sec /
10sec / 30sec / 60sec)


Video Thumbnail / Playback / Backward Playback / REW / FF
/ Previous File / Next File
Photo Thumbnail / Play / Slide show / Previous File / Next


User Interface Color graphical user interface on LCD screen


Waterproof Protection YES (IP68)
Waterproof Depth Rate 60m / 196ft
Open Housing Simply interchangeable from waterproof housing to
open housingbackdoor

Unit Size

61mm (W) x 32mm (D) x 43mm (H)


60M Waterproof

With ISAW ADVANCE, you will shoot without fear and get a clear and satisfying picture in the water.


Supercompact and superlight, optimized for Action

Actioncam should be as compact and light as possible. ISAW ADVANCE are the smallest and the lightest in the market!


140° Wide Angle Lens

When you are wearing ADVANCE, with its wide angle, you don’t have to worry about missing any of beautiful scenes you see.




ISAW ADVANCE supports a Micro HDMI port so that you can connect it directly to a TV or monitor and share your videos onto the bigger screens.