• Brighter exposure when filming in inverted light mode.
  • Improvement of sound recording
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Update Firmware


1) VIDEO LOOP feature added

  • Currently the recording would stop once the memory card was filled.
  • We have added a feature to enable overwriting for a continuous recording.  Now suitable for use as Dashboard Camera.
  • When using the LOOP feature, once the SD card is filled the camera overwrites the oldest file present on the memory card
  • Enable LOOP in the settings to use the feature.
    * The LOOP feature can only be activated with 10% of available space or more on the memory card.
    * If the LOOP feature doesn’t work, try to make space on the memory card and try again (10% or more of available space is required)
    * Because using the LOOP feature overwrites existing files, please be sure to back up important files before using it.

2) 60 Fps quality upgrade

  • • Previously there was a slight drop in quality of image when switching from 30 fps to 60 fps. This issue has been resolved.
  • Image quality in 1080p 60fps in MED FOV and NARROW FOV is improved.
  • Image quality in 720p 60fps in MED FOV and NARROW FOV is improved
  • When using 1080p / 720p 60fps in MED/NARROW it will be displayed in RED in the LCD.
  • Only for MEDIUM and NARROW definition.
    * The FOV/definition setting is displayed on the LCD with an icon.
    * The improvement only concerns the 60 fps frame rate.

3) Auto-start recording

  • After switching the camera on, it’s now possible to have the recording start automatically after a preset count down.
  • 0 sec: starts right after the camera is switched on.
  • 5 sec: starts 5 seconds after the camera is switched on.
  • 10 sec: starts 10 seconds after the camera is switched on.
  • The setting is found under the VIDEO section of the settings.
  • When this feature is enabled. it is displayed with a stopwatch on the LCD screen.

4) AE Meter

  • Depending on your subject and the environment you can adjust the light exposure. (Centre / Average / Spot)
  • Centre: default setting. Focus more on the centre than Average
  • Spot: When shooting an exposed subject in a dark environment this setting focus on the spot to set the level of exposure
  • Average: based on the average exposure of all the frame.
    * Default setting is centre
    * Spot is useful when filming (the outside of the car from the inside the car) to outside in daytime.
    * When filming the inside of a vehicle while being inside as well, use the center setting.

Additional improvements

  • When charging, after 3 minutes of inactivity the icon will disappear. It will reappear if you press any button again.
  • After 1 hour of inactivity the LCD will be turned off. You can turn it back on by pressing any button.
  • START and STOP now have 2 different buzzer sound effects  so you can differentiate between them.
  • We have improved the exposure when shooting in inverted light.
  • When using an external microphone, stereo recording is now available.

Improvement of the file creation.

  • When a file gets bigger than 3.8GB the file renaming was inconvenient.
  • This was corrected with the new firmware and even when recording a file bigger than 3.8Gb the file won’t be renamed..